Friday, July 10, 2020

Pokémon Smile APK 1.0.4 download

Pokémon Smile APK 1.0.4 download

Pokémon Smile APK 1.0.4 download : Install the APK version of Pokémon Smile now to rescue the Pokémon. Brush your teeth regularly to eliminate the dangerous bacteria on your teeth.

Pokémon Smile APK 1.0.4 download

Name                        Pokémon Smile
Package                    jp.pokemon.pokemonsmile
Publisher                  The Pokemon Company
Category                   Educational
Version                     1.0.4 (Latest)
Size                           87M
MOD Features           No
Requires                   Android 6.0

About Pokémon Smile

If for you, brushing your teeth is boring and tedious, let Pokémon Smile change that by turning the brushing action into a task to fill a Pokédex. Get ready to explore this unique game!

What is Pokémon Smile?

Basically, Pokémon Smile is an AR game for kids. It helps parents guide their children to brush their teeth more closely. You know, not many children are interested in brushing their teeth every day. For parents, persuading their children to brush their teeth twice a day is a nightmare. But with Pokémon Smile, it will help form children’s brushing habits in a very interesting and unique way.

Download Pokémon Smile APK for Android

Brushing regularly 2 times a day will bring you healthy teeth, white and more confident. And now, brushing your teeth is even more fun when you join to rescue Pokémon. Not only children, but adults can also learn how to brush their teeth properly through this exciting AR game.Install the game on your Android device and develop your brushing habits with Pokémon Smile!

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